M U S I C   G R O U P  "C A N A"

Group Cana is a Christian music group. It was created at the beginning of August 2005 though the considerable part of musicians has been playing together since September 2004. The name Cana was suggested by Friar Grigoriy who is a spiritual Superior of this group. (Cana Galileiska is the place where Jesus Christ made his first miracle at his Mother's request. That is why the name of the group in this content carries the image of a special intercession of Virgin Mary).

The group performs consisting of Gnatuk Julia and Pidlisetska Cristina (vocalists), Grigor Alexander (keys, cymbals, pipe), Kaplunski Alexei (guitar), Valtishina Lubov (violin), Betlinskiy Evgen (bass guitar), Lisnikivskiy Victor (drums).

The group began its activity from recording a song for the Polish magazine Ruah the song has the name A Cristian Guzul as the folk tune was assumed as a basis. The group realized the song recording together with their friends (Skiba Olena, Gnatishin Petro, Kapura Yana) at Clara studio. Arrangement and mixing fulfilled Petro Cherny.

Cana co-operates with the group Noah's Ark (Ukraine) as a music accompaniment. In September the group gave some concerts. It was a concert in Odessa which was developed to The first congress of youth as well as concerts together with group Bartek Jaskot i Przyjaciele (Poland) in Kiev and Dniprodzerzhynsk. Besides in May 2006 and 2007 the joint tour of the group Cana and New life'm (Poland) was successfully fulfilled about the cities of Ukraine and Poland.


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