At the beginning of the 90 th the priests of Brothers Minor Capuchins Order revived a tradition of pilgrimage to the Sanctuary St. Marie of Berdichev. The first pilgrimage took place in Summer 1992 from Starokonstantiniv to Berdichev. The following year the pilgrimage, which always takes place in July, started in Khmelnitskiy with an early Mass in Christ the King Church. The Mass was held by the Bishop of Kamyanets-Podilskiy Diocese.

The pilgrimage always starts on Monday and finishes on Saturday with a solemn Mass on the square near the Sanctuary of St. Marie of Berdichev.

The pilgrimage is all-Ukrainian and people from all dioceses of Ukraine take part in it.

During the pilgrimage priests hold conferences on different issues of faith, Christian ethics, and various aspects of Christian life. It has become a tradition that priests-monks and nuns, members of different orders and organizations, who participate in the pilgrimage, tell pilgrims about life and service in their orders and organizations. The same kind of information is shared by members of secular Catholic movements, communities and organizations. Secular Catholics also tell about their parishes. Common prayers, such as Rosary, God's mercy, etc, are obligatory. Also, pilgrims glorify God with songs. Pilgrim song books have been issued a few times. Holy Mass is held daily.

On the way pilgrims stop for a night in Krasilov, Starokonstantinov, Stary Ostropol and Lubar on the border of Khmelnitskiy and Zhitomir regions which is at the same time the border of Kamyanets-Podilskiy and Zhitomir dioceses, pilgrims are met by one of the bishops of Zhitomir diocese.

The number of pilgrims is different every year; it usually accounts a few hundred of people. The biggest number of people, more than 700 Catholics, took part in the 6 th pilgrimage in 1997.


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