C L A R A   S T U D I O

At the present time Ń lara Studio consists of telecasting studio, record studio, publishing house, and it engages in activity of a publishing office, which belongs to the Friars Minor Capuchin. To get a good idea about the modern Ńlara Studio, we need to return to the history, prior to its origin.

1. Publishing house and printing house.

In 1991 Friars Capuchin have started their publishing activities in Ukraine. At first they published a newspaper, but later on it became the magazine Christian Word: from 1991 to 2001, brochures and books were also published. During the last three year period, since June 2004 to the present day the Capuchin publishing house Christian Word has become the main part of multimedia studio of Clara Studio.

The history of studio has started when the bishop of Kamyanets-Podolsky diocese Yan Olshansky have moved the diocesan printing house from Kamyanets-Podolsky to Bratsslav, and entrusted Capuchins to run it. The presence of benedictine sisters, the main charisma of which is the apostolate by the publishing activities, was one of the positive arguments for printing house location in Bratslav. However, publishing house has been moved to Vinnitsa for practical reasons.

Publishing house engages in preparing for printing and publishing of its own production:

• Specific feature of Capuchin publishing house is a Christian prayer book, which has already been republished for several times, along with Children prayer book.

• 30 magazine editions of Yours magazine (the present name is Vodohray) have been already published.

• The most popular products are: brochures of catechetic character; the author is our brother Constantine Morozov. Some of them have been republished for 8 times, and some (the book “How to make a proper confession”) even for 12 times.

• The publishing house edits, prepares for printing and prints magazine Voice of Father Pio. This magazine is famous all over the Catholic world by the original name Voce di Padre Pio, it is published in San Djovani Rotondo and has a number of language versions. The Ukrainian version of Voice of Father Pio is a coloured magazine in A4 format, and its volume is 24 pages. The publisher of the magazine is the Vice Province of the Friars Minor Capuchin. As the editor of the magazine brother Justin Rusin says: the need for the magazine has been the case for a long time, especially after Father`s Pio canonization, many Ukrainians, and not only Catholics are interested to know the great saint.

• In early spring of 2007 the work on magazine Come, which has published the School of Cristian life and Evangelization has started.

2. Telecasting studio

TV for children: movies and cartoons, TV programs and competitions, songs and clips – all those play an important role in the life of children, take care of their leisure time and influence their worldview formation. That's why it is so important, that mass media products, intended for children, fulfill the best requirements of high level of all pedagogic norms and principals. The telecasting studio Clara Studio, which is situated on the territory of The Friars Minor Capuchin parish, functions for the same reason.

The idea of studio creation has appeared in 1993. The first television program The Hope on the municipal telecasting of Vinnitsa Vita was launched In September 1993. Since that time this program has been broadcast on different channels of local television. From static images, which are filed with the minimum number of effects, to good television product, which is characterized by good quality and exciting stories.

In 2003 the Nuncio consecrated the new telecasting studio hall. Since 2004 the program Mistechko Nadija has been broadcast every week on the First National Channel. The goal of this program is to help children with their mental, moral and social education, which is based on Christian values.

Fifteen minute program is dynamic and coloured, just as the child world is. Each program consists of several rubrics. First, children from the street of Kindness meet with their childish problems, and solve them with the help of the Bible. The following rubrics are Jokes, a little laboratory of mastery, Meeting with an Angel and the song in the end. Children watch the program Mistechko Nadija with the extraordinary interest – the letters on announced competitions came from all cities of Ukraine, from children of Orthodox, Catholic and Greak Catholic families.

3. Sound studio

Telecasting studio is also intended for recording. The projects of albums, recording of groups such as Cana, from Kiev, children band Noah`s Ark from Vinnitsa have already taken place in its walls, there have been recorded both classical and pop music.

4. Noah`s Ark

Noah`s Ark Is a special project of Clara Studio. This project has appeared after the eponimous project Arki Noego (Noah`s Ark) in Poland , the authors have permitted to sing their compositions in Ukrainian language. The Arc`s songs are used in children program Mistechko Nadija. Noah`s Ark ideas are spread all over the world. Such projects are going on in Sweden, Germany, Peru.

In 2005 we have received copyrights for recording and singing of Arki Noego, and in April of this year we have recorded the first CD in the Ukrainian language in our studio. During the last two years period we have had over ten concerts together with Kiev group Cana.



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