T H E   S C H O O L   O F   C H R I S T I A N   L I F E
A N D   E V A N G E L I Z A T I O N

The School of Christian Life and Evangelization (further – the School) was started with the Christian week-ends which were held since January, 1996. Within a time, the organizers saw the necessity of the formation of a group of lay people who would become mature on the way following Christ and could, closely collaborating with clergymen, act in their own parishes (hold meetings in small groups, conduct Biblical circles and prayer meetings). When it was decided to open the School, br. Petro Kurkevich OFM Cap applied for a blessing to Bishop Ordinary of Kamyanets-Podilsky Diocese Yan Olshansky. Having got the blessing, the School started its activity.

It is a formation course, which introduces to the completeness of the Christian life and prepares lay Catholics for the ministry in the Church on a parish level. The course lasts six years: 0 – formation, based on the catechism and kerygma, 1- kerygma and teaching about the life of the discipleship of Christ; II – message of deliverance; III – community and leadership; IV – evangelization, V – theology of the internal spiritual life. Each year of the course has four sessions: two weeks session in summer and week-end sessions in autumn, winter and spring. The session routine includes a daily individual prayer, meditation upon the Scripture, conferences; work in small groups, where brothers and sisters share about God's work in their life; common prayer meetings, and a time for rest. The center of each such day is the Holy Eucharist, celebrated in the Latin or, sometimes, in the Greek rite. All events are filled with worship songs in Ukrainian and Russian. The formation is held in Krasyliv and other ten Ukrainian branches, and also abroad: in Moscow (Russia), Poznan' and Wroclaw (Poland).

The main aim of the School is to create “Koinonia” (Koinonia, Greek - community), i.e. a network of leaders from different cities of Ukraine, which will mutually organize and conduct various evangelization events in Ukraine, and visit the School's branches to minister at its sessions.

To conduct numerous sessions, the School invites also guests from abroad: from the USA, Canada, Slovakia, Poland, Germany. Many guests are world-famed, such as: Peter Herbeck from the Renewal Ministries (USA), Don Turbitt – a leader of a Catholic community (USA), Neal Lozano – a leader of an ecumenical Christian community (USA); Father Mihal Zamkovsky – priest-redemptorist from Slovakia, co-founder of a lay community in Podolintsi (Slovakia), and responsible for the movement ”Light – Life” in Slovakia. Members of the School and members of the mission “MISSIO CHRISTI” from Poland help in conducting the sessions of the School.

The number of people, who want to participate in the sessions has been continually growing. Among the participants of the School there are not only Roman Catholics, but also Greek Catholics and Orthodox faithful. With God's blessing and a necessity, which we saw, we have opened many branches of our School all over Ukraine: in Dniprodzerzhyns'k and Ivano-Frankivs'k (1999), Vinnitsya, Kyiv, and Odesa (2002), Mukachevo, Ternopil. For the present day we have already several branches abroad: in Moscow (Russia), Wroclaw and Poznan (Poland).

To find more information, please, contact a responsible person of any School branch in the following cities:


The Evangelization Centre

Tel: + 38 (03855) 4-25-17;

Fr. Leonid Mikhalets

Tel: + 38 (044) 510-85-87,
fax: + 38 (044) 512-82-51


Home Life Contacts


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