E V A N G E L I Z A T I O N   S C H O O L   (F E S)

FES was established as a respond to the call of the Pope John Paul II to new evangelization.

The school members' main experience, which they are eager to share with other people, is meeting Christ, Crucified and Humble, Who is Good News of the Father, and Life-giving Spirit - That Who gives life.

Lifestyle according to the Gospel, which is typical for Franciscan spirituality, suggests participants of the School the best way to reach deep relations with the Holy Trinity, become a child of God and brother for all people. This way to build the Church is peculiar for the School.

FES history

The idea of establishing Evangelization School appeared among secular Franciscans of Kiev in Autumn 1995. A small group of secular Franciscans, which gathered in a new Rome-Catholic Parish built by Brothers Capuchins, decided to put into practice systematic training of people who wanted to share their Christian experience with others. Spiritual Franciscan heritage, lifestyle and the way of evangelization, peculiar to secular Franciscans, as well as evangelization experience of Brothers Capuchins became a special foundation for that School.

The date when FES began its work is 2 nd August 1996. On that day, which is devoted to God's Mother of Angels in Catholic Church, the first course was started in Krasyliv, Khmelnitsky region. Then, ten people who, according to Franciscan traditions, called themselves "servants", held classes for eighty people in a Recollection House for two weeks. Since then, the first year course has begun its work in summer. Basic education at School is a three year course. A year course consists of six meetings called "calls", during which studies take place. Since the School began, about 1000 people have taken part in it.

In 1996 the School got blessing from Kamyanets-Podilskiy Diocese and functions under spiritual assistance of Brothers Capuchins.

Because of the regular restucturing of the SFO, FES became an Apostolic work of the SFO local fraternity in Staryi Ostropil with the agreement of the Regional Council of the Southern regions.

From the 25th March in 2009 after the canonical establishment of the fraternity in Staryi Ostropil as a personal one, FES has a status of an "evangelical group" in line with the same fraternity and under its coordination (the SFO Rule 22, The SFO Constitution (GC SFO), art.34).

In co-operation with the Order of Friar Minor Capuchin in Ukraine, through FES activity the SFO members care together about spreading of the Gospel (SFO GC 102,2).


Peculiarities of the school

Peculiar features of the school are as follows:

Franciscan spirituality which favours forming the participants' mature faith and Franciscan style of evangelization.

The school belongs to the Franciscan Secular Order;

Constant close collaboration with the Order of Capuchin Brothers in the Vice-Province of Ukraine;

The school unites different people who want to inherit Christ, His lifestyle and preaching of the Gospel as disciples, by the example of St. Francis of Assisi;

Participants of the school are directed towards evangelization in their families and among friends, creating live cells of the Church, centres of brotherhood, listening to God's Word, testifying new life in Jesus Christ.

Evangelization is accepted as a process of changing an "old person" into a "new person" in biblical meaning, by transfiguring force of Christ Crucified and example of the change happened in the life of St. Francis.

The school is open to exchange experience and collaborate with other Catholic organizations and movements.

We accept faith experience of St. Virgin Marie as the most trustful disciple of Jesus Christ and the first evangelizers.

The patrons of the school are St. Cyril and Methody the first teachers and apostles of the Slavs. Their evangelization mentality and spiritual heritage became a depository of learning for FES.

Our Lady has been the Mother and Patroness of the school since its foundation, and all school affairs have always been under Her guardianship.

Liturgical Memory on the 2 nd August, which is devoted to St. Virgin Marie, the Queen of Angels from Porziuncula in Rome Catholic calendar, is an official holiday at FES.

FES structure

Every person who trusts in Christ and is eager to learn laws of spiritual life, accepts Franciscan spirituality and wants to join evangelization process in Catholic Church can take part in studies of FES.

A person who has completed the basic three year course, is a member of Franciscan Secular Order and was invited by FES council to carry out evangelization at School may become a permanent member of the School.

An assistance group takes an important place in the School structure. This group helps complete different apostle work, provided by FES . The group includes priests, monks, nuns and secular Catholics, who are eager to collaborate with the school in evangelization. After completing the basic course, further formation is held during meetings for permanent School members.

The structure of the school was created on the basis of FES statute. It is headed by The Person in Charge who is elected for a definite term, together with the School council.

A special place in the School is taken by a Intercession Prayer Group. This group unites people who live in different places in Ukraine and have taken on a commitment to pray daily for people's conversion to God and blessing of FES apostle work.

Spiritual guardianship and assistance of Brothers Capuchins Order is a guarantee of fidelity to Catholic Church teaching and token of unity with Franciscan family.

For more details please turn to our post address:

Franciscan Evangelization School
вул. Ветеранів 1/3
смт Старий Остропіль (Володарівка)
Старокостянтинівського району
Хмельницької області
tel: +38 (03854) 46-16-43

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